Maximillian Converse Wood Bender
Senior at Connecticut College

For high school I was lucky enough to enroll at Concord Academy in Concord, Massachusetts. It took me an unfortunate amount of time to realize my interest in academics and my high school grades showed it. However, it's almost entirely thanks to Concord Academy that I came to college with such a strong background in mathematics and the sciences, for which I am quite thankful.
I started Connecticut College in the fall of 2012. Since then, I've mainly taken classes in the mathematics, computer science, and classical languages departments, but I've also taken a few from other departments that I've found intriguing. I've included any relevant classes below with a short summary of the work accomplished. These first classes were taken at Connecticut College.

MAT 210: Discrete Mathematics
MAT 225: Ordinary Differential Equations
MAT 226: Linear Algebra
MAT 301: Real Analysis
MAT 303: Abstract Algebra 1
MAT 306: Algebraic Combinatorics
MAT 309: Complex Analysis
MAT 311: Advanced Linear Algebra
MAT 392: Analytic Number Theory
COM 212: Data Structures
COM 304: Algorithms
COM 313: Algorithmic Game Theory
COM 315: Computer Networks
COM 316: Artificial Intelligence
ECO 292: Independent Study

I spent the Fall semester of 2014 abroad in Budapest, attending the Budapest Semester in Mathematics Program. I took 4 courses there and learned mathematics more quickly than I have ever had to before. While the semester was certainly the hardest semester of mathematics I've ever had, this only pushed me to learn more mathematics than I had at Conn. BSM was definitely a huge contributing factor to my decision to study mathematics and apply for PhD programs in Mathematics.

Advanced Abstract Algebra
Introduction to Algebraic Geometry
Functional Analysis
Galois Theory

My full academic transcript can be found here.