Maximillian Converse Wood Bender
Senior at Connecticut College

This will eventually contain shameless links to my friends' websites.

Most of my research has been done in the computer science department at Connecticut College, but I've been fortunate enough to be involved in projects across a few departments, including an REU at Michigan State University the summer after my junior year. I've included a list of the projects below along with brief discriptions of their results. For more information on any of these projects, including their source code if not linked, feel free to email me.

Modeling Bank Loans on a National Scale ~ Spring-Summer 2013

Egalitarian Bipartite Matching with Single-Sided Preferences ~ Summer 2013

Google Glass Seminar: Audio Pill ~ Spring 2014

DogBot: An Automated Competition Finder and Enroller ~ Summer 2014

The Multi-Opponent James Function ~ Summer 2014

Latin to English Translator ~ Summer 2014 - Present

Minimal Metric Online Matching ~ Summer 2014 - Present

Second Order Recursive Polynomials (REU at MSU) ~ Summer 2015